Wheel Repair

Don’t Neglect Your Wheels

Wheels take a beating. Curb damage, scratches and corrosion to your wheels can ruin your vehicles overall appearance. The good news is that the quality results of PUSH wheel repair experts can reverse that damage quickly?

Specially trained PUSH experts repair the damage caused by weather, debris and everyday driving, returning your wheel to its original appearance. We restore your wheel’s appearance before scratches and scrapes become a bigger problem and before you are facing the steep costs of full wheel replacement. Make your car look and feel new again. Call us at 719.629.PUSH or get your free wheel repair estimate online today.

Give Your Wheels a New Look

PUSH performs complete wheel refinishing and color changes.  Whether you are trying to fix a peeling clear coat, or repaint your wheels a custom color, our experts have years of experience bringing your vision to life. PUSH wheel technicians create custom solutions that help your wheels stand out.  We provide both paint and even create personalized designs that help your wheels stand out.  

Choose PUSH When Quality Matters

PUSH is trusted by drivers, dealerships and other industry professionals to provide high quality wheel repair with low, upfront pricing and remarkable results.  We use Axalta Spies-Hecker materials on all of the work we do.  This globally recognized paint and refinishing material leader has served customers for over 130 years.

Everything that we do at PUSH is focused on providing unmatched value to each customer.  Let us show you why so many customers choose us for wheel repair and so much more.  Call us at 719.629.PUSH.  You’ll see the PUSH difference from the moment you meet with us.

Be Proud of Your Wheels Again

With your car, every detail matters.  The condition of a vehicle’s wheels is a source of pride for car owners.  They stand out, they shine… some even spin.  Don’t let unsightly wheel damage take away from the lasting impression your vehicle should be making. 

PUSH specializes in all types of vehicle surface repairs.  Did the weather effect more than your wheels?  Repairs for scratches, dents, interiors and other damage are only a phone call away.  Call our experts today at 719.629.PUSH or request your estimate online.

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