Paint Touch-Up

Erasing The Weather’s Impact

When you think of everything that your vehicle puts up with in a year, it’s incredible that more damage isn’t done. Road rash, gravel, road salt, sand and debris conspire to leave their mark on your car’s surface. Not only are paint chips annoying, but they can lead to bigger problems.

PUSH paint touch up services provide a low cost option to repair many troublesome paint issues:

Road Rash



Can’t I Do This Myself?

There are many DIY paint touch up solutions, and they offer a quick fix and many drivers believe they will save money.  The problem with brush touch ups are that they don’t often match the paint quality exactly, leaving small scratches still visible after you’re done.

PUSH specialists match your car’s color and tint precisely, using the latest techniques and technology.  We eliminate seams and surface imperfections and leave your vehicle looking its best.  When professional results matter, trust us to get the job done right.

Choosing the Right Service

PUSH specializes in restoring your vehicle’s finish to its best possible condition.  We use many services to help reverse the effects of weather, the road and other drivers have on your car including:

We recommend the services that are right for you, your vehicle and your budget…even if PUSH doesn’t do the work you need. We’ve built our reputation for honest, low cost vehicle cosmetic repairs one customer at a time.  PUSH began in Colorado, where weather and its effect on vehicles can be extreme.  We are now proud to serve customers in several states across the country, but we’ve never forgotten the lessons we learned at the beginning.

You’ll see the PUSH difference in everything we do.  Call us at 719.629.PUSH and find out why so many of our customers recommend PUSH!

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