Online Estimates

Another convenient way to get an estimate is to upload a photograph to our webpage. PUSH will evaluate the damage and determine if PDR is the best repair option for you, then provide an estimate. All estimates must still be verified in person.

Steps for submitting an estimate request via e-mail:

  • Clean the damaged and surrounding area
  • Place a stick note or piece of colored tape directly under the dent
  • Stand 3-4 feet away from the damaged area
  • Provide 3 photos of the damage from different angles: straight, left and right
  • Note if the panel construction is aluminum or steel. To do this, place a small magnet on the panel, if it does not stick it is aluminum.
  • E-mail us the photos and info, along side the Make, Model, Year of the car at

In-Person Estimate

An In-Person estimate is the best way to get a guaranteed and final estimate. Our team of Dent Specialists can inspect your vehicle the same. We do estimates at our shop or one of our friendly Dent Specialists can come to you!